James and Rebecca's 2006 Pacific Coast Bike Trip

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We flew into Vancouver, Canada on June 14th. From there, we took a ferry across Puget Sound to Vancouver Island. We biked across Vancouver Island to Victoria and caught a second ferry to the Olympic Pennisula in Washington. Things didn't go well in Washington (crash!), and we made an unexpected return visit to Victoria. But everything worked out in the end, and we continued our trip through Washington, Oregon, and California.

Total border-to-border mileage (not counting our adventures in Canada): 1937.1 miles
Average mileage: 62.5 miles / day

What is the fuel efficiency of a cyclist?
1937 miles x ( 31,000 calories / 912 miles ) x (1 pint Ben & Jerry's / 1500 calories ) = 44 pints of Ben & Jerry's

If you are planning your own trip, I would love to hear from you. Send an email.